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Quotes Stolen identity is something thats growing at a rapid pace, this book is a rude awakening to how quick and easy it is for someone to take your life and turn it upside down. I started reading this book and thought it was going to be a simple read, a common story, but it took me in and I got lost into the story of its characters. The way Ton'e took each individual lives and connected them as everyday people showing their strengths and heartaches engulfed me. This book really strikes a chord because it reminds us all how life can change in an instant and decisions others make have consequences we might not be able to foresee or be prepared for. Each event are so eerily real and frighteningly thrilling that she's clearly a literary mastermind that it made me want to slow down and savor each and every page. This book is a winner on so many levels, but for me it is mainly because it shows what happens when we stop letting life past us by and let fate take over instead. Quotes
Jordan Reese (Connecticut)
This book was so good on so many levels

Quotes This is a surprising novel that has a dramatic plot-driven story full of twists and turns, forgiveness and redemption set in an emotional journey of three individuals whose lives changed by the deception of the one person close to them and who they shared their lives with. Its betrayal taken to a whole new level. It had the reality of the effect of the results of a stolen identity, gambling debts to loan sharks and troubled situations that kept you on your toes anticipating the outcome. It tells the life story of an abused woman who fights to give stability to her children and a young girl who finds she stuck in the middle of a murder investigation that turns everyone's life into turmoil. Quotes
Five Star Book Reporter
Rough Patch Twisted Fate Review

Quotes Surprising! This book is full of life lessons. It puts you in a position to really look at your faith walk. It makes you questioning and wondering what you would have done if certain people had not been a part of your life? What Ton'e has captured in Rough Patch, Twisted Fate is the essence of self love through the eyes of God in every character. You have a touching heart of forgiveness. You have the self deprivation of struggles that leads to personal growth that leaves you changed. The book takes you on a journey that lovers of mystery novels will appreciate as well as those who love a great love story. What I found to be most exciting about this book is that you don't really know where the author will take you until you have arrived. This story is also layered with issue after issues that hook you. Ton'e doesn't write like a first-timer. She uses the gift she is given to reel you in, causing you to hesitate before turning the pages. Quotes
Blake Carson Jr.
Rich & Vibrant Story5 Star, Loved the book & story line real

Quotes This book is filled with the serious topic of identity theft, fraud and its backlash, no doubt the author took into account it's demeaning affect and was able to add her personal perspective to each character, making it much more than a book about the issues of theft. It becomes an awareness to how it can destroy a persons life. It is a book about the emotional strain it can cause, as well as, the financial problems it creates. The author takes you on a mysterious walk with Dell that makes you want to re-examine your personal life in comparison. It's definitely a heart wrenching story. However the ending will surprise you and the connecting characters keeps his story from standing alone. It's a whirlwind in description. Quotes
Thomas Mason
The story line was intriguing

Quotes Read Rough Patch Twisted Fate and it was a inspiring story. I have an appreciation for each character and the individual story lines developed. When life throws you a curve ball, the unexpected, sometimes all we can do is cry out to God. RPTF was a story that shows you how blindsided life can catch you off guard and caught completely off your game. However, there has to come a time when we learn to deal with the circumstances and adjust to our environment. Ton'e not only showed how to adjust, she also showed the struggle mentally and emotional and how to triumph in the mist of it. I found myself inspired by the strengths and courage of each character. I appreciated each connection as they journeyed. Good Story! Quotes
Jake Smalls
Good Story & A New Fan

Quotes I read a lot of books, I have given up on whether I can tell if a book is one I can finish simply by the beginning. Sometimes it just fizzles. No, not this book, it got crazy deep and had so many surprising directions of the characters. The rough patch was clear and the twisted fate was better than expected. I was actually hanging on a thread waiting for my boy Roger the crueler to get his. The author takes you on not just a mystery but evolves you as she interacts each character and show a vulnerability we all have with ourselves. What happens as the conclusion draws close is what I believe most readers will latch on to, showing that I don't think many will see coming what the author sets you up for. You will be able to see a fun adventurous unfolding. A worthy read. Great Job! Quotes
Randy Brinkman
Atlanta's Own Magazine

Quotes I just placed my order after I listened to your radio broadcast. You sound like an amazing woman and I like the spirit in which you written the book. I had to support you and purchase the book Rough Patch~Twisted Fate, I look forward to reading it. Quotes
Book & Radio Interview

Quotes I promised a review and I wanted to keep my word. As a man I am going to say that you went there in ways I didn't expect. You touched on a man's anger, weakness and what it does to a man when he feels he failed. I been there in a way I couldn't begin to tell you. The curvature took me but I was feeling the man's pain throughout the book. It was relatable from a mans perspective. The friendships are real and in most cases it can play out that way. Glad he triumphs! I think with some writing twits you can write for men. We don't care to admit it but we have a soft side and you were able to show that without over doing it. Don't make us wimps I can assure you that won't sale if you play to softly with our manhood. We want to be hero's and distinguished. If that helps in your future books. I would be interested to see where you take this. I would read your books in the future. It would be nice to know a woman will take the man bashing out and show our strengths. Good Luck! Quotes
Seriously, you broke it down

Quotes Love, Love, Love...I read it and I loved it. Yes, I admit I am bias and so what. She is my family and I support her. The book is fantastic. I really got into the characters and the story line was fantastic. It was true to the real world and it had enough suspense to keep your attention. I didn't want to put it down. It brought to light fraud, stolen identity from someone so close to you, you wouldn't imagine them doing it. Betrayal of a family member that will shock you. Encouragement through the power of God word which is important when you face a rough patch in life. When you are done wrong by someone you want revenge but the twisted fate will surprise you. Did I make you curious? Good, get the book it's a must read. Great Job Ton'e. Ready for the next one. Quotes
Maybe I am Bias because I know Ton'e

Quotes All Done! I finished Rough Patch Twisted Fate February through Beacon Book Club. Wow, this was a story with some deep rooted issues to both a man & a woman. It was a good read, just intense. I have been pondering on how to give you this review. The book left me thinking on the main characters for what they had to endure. It was well balance which made up for the estranged twists. A well thought out ending that can be extended. I can't imagine going through that kind of challenge in my own life. I think that's what made this a good read it helped me connect with a life I couldn't imagine. I love the statement in the book "True strength can only be found through prayer" I will hold on to that because it so true. This book is a good read and a well thought out story line. I can see it as peoples reality but what's nice about it is the hope it gives in the middle of the storm. Prayer that's the only thing that will get you through. I believe that and reading this book was a good reminder. Quotes
A well thought out story line...
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