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"Premier Hardback Edition Cover" Rough Patch~Twisted Fate by Ton'e Brown


This is my Premier Edition of Rough Patch~Twisted Fate. This book was full of inspiration that one cover wasn't good enough and decided to give you the choice of the cover you prefer. The story is the same about a man being supported by a real woman. A woman that faced her own challenges and yet was able to stand strong for the man her heart melts for. You will love how the man proved to be a gentleman, a man who had a love for God and allowed a vunerable side to show that most men hide.

Rough Patch~Twisted Fate is about success, failure, dreams and disappointments, triumph and tragedy, and ultimately, about the selfless love of a young girl who encounters strangers that change the course of her life by events unimaginable. Life changing occurrences that leads to the discovery of inspiring strength, strong conviction of faith that touches the life of a young man who is encouraged by her endearing heart. This Young man discovers the true depth of what he values most after he’s forced to stand up against rapacious tycoons in order to restore his life, once he learns he’s been betrayed by identity theft causing him to become homeless in a hostile environment. Both Frances and Dell must find ways to rebuild their lives and stay true to principles they hold dear and fight the urges of avengement against their betrayers. It’s a real page turner. You will develop a strong connection with each character that will make you want to love and hate the stand out villain.

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