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Shared Gratitude, A Way of Living "Revision" by Ton'e Brown


Shared Gratitude, A Way of Living is a book written by Ton’e Brown, she shares stories of a variety of life experiences were gratitude was the empowering force of strength to overcome life challenges. Gratitude has been around for decades, some apply it in their everyday lives, and some are missing its astounding results of developing positive relationships, self-validation, and validating of personal surrounding environments.

Ton’e has shared so many nuggets of personal inspiration that many of her readers have had life changing results.

This book is personal, its professional and it contains wonderful stories, ways of expressing gratitude and word confession to incorporate in your personal life. You looking for change, an attitude adjustment, well this is the book you want to read. It will help you in any given situation or circumstance you may face. This is a path for new beginnings and a fresh start. Recognize this is the time to live your life on purpose, with a plan and no longer live by default. Take on Shared Gratitude, its pearls of wisdom that can completely change your life. This book is in your hand at this very moment, is to lead you on a path that you no longer live your life by default, but on purpose..

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