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Bullies Exposed, Stop the Madness by Ton'e Brown


If you're among those who have found themselves a bit confused about how bullies are identified, Bullies Exposed "Stop! The Madness" is what you need to read. Yes, it’s gone on far too long. We have ignored it, given it excuses and even had the fear of confronting it. Why? Everyday someone is dealing with the discrimination of the unspeakable actions of a bully. This book takes you beyond the negative experience of a bully.

•It helps you recognize the bully

•It helps you recognize yourself as the bully

This book exposes what’s been hidden for centuries. The school yard bully, the over powering family member that steals your self-worth in the name of love and the bully that abuses authority through intimidation. It is time to stop the madness of bullying. The question is no longer why the bully, bullies, it’s let’s identify who’s the bully and expose them. Bullies need to be exposed before there can be a healing process. Bullies need to know we are not taking it any more and it has to stop.

Haven’t we lost enough of who we truly are to the person who killed our spirit through bullying? Isn’t time to save our children from the fear of life because of the threats and hurts of the actions of a bully? When is enough, enough?

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