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       Ton'e turned her first book novel, Rough Patch~Twisted   Fate into a screenplay for film. She

 produced, directed and edited her film in post production stage. She built her film career and developed her brand under 

the umbrella of Hayden Cinema Entertainment Film Studios and HCE Studio Productions.




      Ton'e went on to build a solid resume by writing scripts for short film category, producing, directing and editing a total of  thirty-three short films to her acclaim. For viewing click link:



     Ton'e current project's are original content series for film episodes for Netflix, Amazon Studios. Title series; Whisper's, Gavin Hook and MasterMinds.


 In addition to her resume; she has written ready to produce two feature film title's, Devastation and A Father's Love Unapologetic.


Ton'e can also add to her resume being the recipient of the director's Howard Award for her debut film "Bereave Heart" in the short film category.   





Self Publishing author of six written books.

-Rough Patch Twisted Fate

-Bullies Exposed
-Shared Gratitude
-My Mommy 
-Setting Yourself Up to WIN!
-A Father's Love Unapologetic    

 Awards and Accolades

                    2012 Blue Ribbon Award Reader Selection

                   Various Book Club Review (See Link Page)

                                                         Wikipedia Encyclopedia 

                                                        2009 Alumnus New Writers Award

                                                                  2012 Blue Ribbon Award Readers Selection


Ton'e Brown has earned her place in the film industry as a screenwriter, film producer, director and editor. She put in the work to recreate herself and build a solid brand. The next level of business is a filming studio where she can continue to build and provide a place for other talents to flourish.


Writing is like a journey. It's a journey of your thoughts and the savory of moments past. Hope experienced. 

When you write you share the story of multiple minds wrapped into a book. The best part is you can take the character within the journey any direction you like and determine the outcome. Oh what a ride when you write.

-- Ton'e Brown

The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.           Maureen Dowd