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    Meet Ton'e Brown Before Writing

Ton'e Brown is originally a mid-western girl who grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana that later ventured a new path to self-discovery, a path of living life on purpose relocating to Atlanta, Georgia. After 20 years she is considered a true native Georgia Peach. With her warmth, infectious smile and fiery personality she is a person you quickly want to make your friend. She has a combination of a humbled mid-western flare and a southern hospitality that?s evident of her core belief that we are strengths of love and empowerment. Her accolades of accomplishments resonate with clarity as she shares her wealth of knowledge with inspiration.

Ton'e Brown is a firm believer in genuineness and simplicity of self-empowerment making it clear all we need is already within us. In her writing she writes about self-empowerment with stories of legitimate encounters with a little twist to entice you. The confidence of faith and belief of God?s presence in every area and aspect of her life she inspires not only her readers but every person she communicates with. Knowing the only word a person may hear in that moment of their life that could be life changing is ?I believe in you.? It?s amazing what the simplicity of words can do to change a mindset of a person. There have been many obstacles faced, concurred challenges, large and small. Today, Ton'e Brown is prevailing to greater heights.

Ton'e Brown is the consummate entrepreneur. In 1991 she formed her own company Brown Enterprise, and under that umbrella she served as an Independent business associate in the Amway business growing it into a profitable business venture for herself and individual partnerships. Meanwhile, connecting to the self-discovery of her personal dreams, she later discontinued her business pursuits as an Amway entrepreneur. She later used the personal skills and developed her own path for life embracing her writing creativity, business skills, accounting and business management skills.  She realized, she was the project manager of her life and committed to live on purpose and not by default.

Ton'e Brown began public speaking while teaching, training and motivating her business partnerships as she traveled around the United States and local venues. She also spoke at a government official?s banquet by the request of President George W. Bush Sr. liaison Doug Weed during a Washington Charitable Event where she was awarded the Entrepreneur Highest Achievement Award and the Top Producer Award for reaching a high profit volume in a given month. It's an honorable accomplish as a business woman.

Ton'e Brown attributes her career as an author to the experience she received in doing voiceovers of other book author(s) that influenced her further to know the time had come to accept her calling. After the acceptance of the writing call; she's taken the accumulated knowledge, and began to build her personal brand not only as a writer but adventuring to develop her skills as a filmmaker, producer, director and editor of film, movies to original content episode series. Yes, it has been a whirlwind but a joyful whirlwind of self-discovery.